DSLR and Mirrorless Express

Why would you want to learn about manual mode on your digital camera today? Automatic mode is evolved, advanced, quicker, easier and instant.

You mastering manual mode is about you understanding the fundamentals of photography. And using that fundamental knowledge to produce imagery in your own unique way. When you are familiar with shutter speed, aperture and ISO you’re able to make artistic choices that previously weren’t available to you. 

In each moment you can choose how to crystallise what you see in a way that only you can see. When you allow the camera to calculate these decisions for you, the image is no longer 100% your creation. 

The purpose of this course is to help you acquire this knowledge at a subconscious level. This means that when it comes time take a photograph you’re not actively “thinking” about how to do it. You’re simply choosing what to do as each moment presents itself.

The process of mastering manual mode IS your photography education. You can watch YouTube tutorials all day long, but without doing it you’re not acquiring it.

In this half day immersive learning experience, you will be put on the path to mastering manual mode. Your learning comes from feedback. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your questions answered and your photographs critiqued. This way of learning is what makes this photography course different from anything else available.

There are fundamentally four parts to photography. Manual mode, post production, composition / light, the moment.

We use post production as the arena to learn about composition / light and the moment. And to help us understand our progress with manual mode mastery. This is where the Adobe Lightroom Beginners Masterclass comes in.