First and foremost, a Christening is a family event and a celebration.
I like to provide photographic coverage before the arrival at the church and a few family photographs just after also.

Before the day, check the following:

Are you allowed to take photographs at the Church?
Is there anywhere you’re not allowed to be during the ceremony?
How’s the light in the church? Can your camera handle the low light or will you need a strobe?


Essential photographs:

Get a few family snaps at the home before everyone leaves.
First the Priest will approach and anoint the baby with one touch.
Next the god parents will be invited to the front of the church where the priest will pour the holy water over the baby’s head and the baptism will take place. This is your action shot.
Take some photographs of the baby just after they’ve been baptised, when their hair is still wet.
The final step is lighting the candles. Each baby will have a candle with his or her name written on it. The god parents will be invited to the front of the church to light them.
After the ceremony take a few group photographs of everyone inside or outside the church.

See all the photographs from William and Ebony’s Christening here.



Have fun. Remember, you’re documenting an important moment in the lives of this family. Dont be a wet blanket, dont take yourself too seriously. Have fun, smile and be personable.
The actual christening will happen very fast, be ready.


10:00am – I like to spend at least 45 minutes at the parents house for some family photographs.
10:45am – Leave for ceremony.
11:30am – Ceremony commences.
12:00pm – Ceremony concludes, family photographs begin.
12:15pm – Photographic coverage is complete.


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