Lightroom Tutorials

Photography beginner? In this 15 minute Lightroom tutorial for beginners you will learn everything you need to know in order to start using Lightroom right now! Lightroom is the industry standard for professional photographic post production and development work. These Lightroom tutorials are designed to give you a kick start right now!

lightroom tutorials

Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

Crash course and overview. Start using Lightroom in 15 minutes!

In this Lightroom tutorial for beginners you’ll learn exactly how to start using Lightroom in 15 minutes. This tutorial is aimed at Lightroom newbies and its intention is to give you an overview of everything, perfect if you want a kick start in LR right now! Your teacher is National Geographic featured photographer Daniel Bilsborough, founder of the djb photography school.

The aim of this tutorial is to provide you with a series of super quick and useful Lightroom tips and tricks to simplify your working environment. When you’re a Lightroom beginner and open it for the first time it can be quite confusing! We’ll eliminate all of the distractions within the first 7 minutes of this Lightroom tutorial.

Lightroom is the industry standard when it comes to professional photographic post production. When you compare the way we develop film negatives with chemicals in a lab, Lightroom provides the same tools but now they’re readily available on your computer, at your fingertips in Lightroom!

In this Lightroom tutorial for beginners I’ll show you exactly how to import and manage your photographs using the library module. Organising your photographs in Lightroom as never been easier! After this we’ll move into the develop module and take a look at the Lightroom editing tools we can use to develop our digital photographs, our RAW files.

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