Lightroom 2020
The Beginners Masterclass
Melbourne – Saturday March 28, 2020

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Your educator: National Geographic featured photographer Daniel Bilsborough
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About The Lightroom Course

Press Play.

Workshop Dates

Melbourne Lightroom Course

Saturday March 28 2020, 10am-6pm NEW


“Learn everything I know about post production in less than a day.”

Daniel Bilsborough, travel photographer, certified Adobe Lightroom Expert.
Founder of the djb photography school and Our Travel Photographer.
Published in National Geographic Traveller Magazine.



My story, hi I’m Daniel, press play.

Before and After. The Secrets.

“You will learn EXACTLY how to develop these photographs using Adobe Lightroom alone.”

Learn exactly how to deconstruct each image above and use these same techniques on your own photographs. Every single photograph I have ever showcased has been through this development process. Including my photograph used on the cover of National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

10 Testimonials From Real Students.

I do my absolute best to make sure this workshop is world class, and the best it can be. So I ask all of our students to provide their own feedback once they’ve completed the workshop. Here’s some of the emails I’ve received from past students talking about their experiences (note: this workshop used to be named “The art of Authenticity”

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adobe lightroom workshop
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Lightroom Workshop Learning Breakdown.

The Art Of Authenticity.

Before Lightroom, a fresh start.

Authenticity, expression, connection, the moment.
Display Calibration and colour profiles.
Jpeg, nef, dng, cr2, raw files.
The “out of camera” myth debunked.
Preparing for digital asset management.

Setting up Lightroom for the first time.

Meta data.
The Lightroom Catalogue.
Backups. Ensure you never lose anything.
Essential preferences, checks & extensions.

Importing photographs.

Sorting, culling and managing.
Collections and virtual copies.

Developing your photographs.

Evolution of the djb preset.
Make them pop.
Creating credibility.
Parametric and point curves adjustment.
Before and after series, the deconstruction.
Advanced adjustment brush techniques
Spot removal, cloning, invisible changes.
Presets, the good the bad the ugly.
Using LR to analyse and improve composition.
Hdr. what it is, why to avoid it.


Colour and Printer profiles.
Soft proofing.

Beyond Lightroom.

When to use photoshop.
The biggest mistakes in my photography career.

We had a write-up in d-photo magazine, New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I just started digital photography? Is this too advanced for me?

I’ve personally designed this workshop to build your post production skills the right way, from the ground up. A fresh pair of eyes just means you wont have any bad habits! And you’ll be able avoid costly mistakes by learning from mine. As I’ve said before, the content of this workshop contains everything I wish I knew when I started digital photography. This is a beginner and intermediate level workshop, as far as technical skills go, you need to be familiar with how to use your computer more than anything else. Just the basics of course – organising and copying files, opening and closing apps, etc. No prior knowledge of Adobe Lightroom is required, that’s what this workshop is all about! This is a world class post production workshop, please trust your instincts about enroling.

How much time do I need to commmit?

This is a one day workshop. 10am – 6pm.

I’m pretty familiar with digital post production, is this worth my time?

Sorry to say it but… no. While Im sure this workshop would give you a new perspective on post production, and probably plug a few gaps in your knowledge, you wouldn’t be getting the absolute most of out it. I much prefer my students to be open minded, engaged and motivated throughout the entire process, rather than undertaking the workshop half heartedly.

What if I’m not ready now?

If you want to enrol in the Lightroom Workshop, what are you reservations? You simply need a digital camera that shoots in RAW and a laptop with Lightroom. You’ll always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.” This workshop has been designed for you to start fresh and get things done the right way from day one. The sooner you learn this stuff the further ahead you’ll be.

Is Lightroom included in the cost of the workshop?

The cost of this workshop does not include the Lightroom software. However you can easily download a trial from Adobe and use it for 30 days without a hitch. Take a look here.

Will you be providing photographs for the workshop?

Yes, definitely. I’ve specifically chosen a series of RAW photographs from my own personal global portfolio to illustrate the development process at its various stages. You’ll be given a link to download them at the start of the workshop.

What do I need for this workshop?

A digital camera that can photograph in RAW, as opposed to jpeg only. It would be highly unusual to find a DSLR that doesn’t shoot in RAW.

A computer – Mac or PC. This is the beauty of Lightroom, it works on both! It’s recommended that you’re comfortable with using your computers basic functions.

Adobe Lightroom 6 or CC!

Who is this Lightroom workshop NOT for?

If you’re already familiar with post production and have been using Lightroom for some time, this workshop is not for you. While I’m sure the content would give you a new perspective on post production, and probably plug a few gaps in your knowledge, you wouldn’t be getting the absolute most of out it.

I much prefer my students to be open minded, engaged and motivated throughout the entire process, rather than undertaking the workshop half heartedly. Also, our refund policy will not be available to you if you find the workshop too basic, or if you’re enrolling just to fill in the gaps. Our refund policy will only apply if you’re struggling to understand the content, and is put in place to protect those who find the material too technical.

Why is this workshop different from everything else?

Since 2007 I’ve spent my life learning, experiencing and making mistakes with Adobe Lightroom. I’ll teach you everything I currently know in one workshop, and most importantly – what I wish I knew when I started. You’ll learn how to use Lightroom to manage and organise all of your photographs, how to develop you RAW files with authenticity, and the four big mistakes I’ve made in my photography career. You’ll learn exactly what NOT to do.

You will be given my personal Lightroom preset which I apply to every single photograph I take. This is not something I’ve developed overnight, it’s be evolving since 2007. You will also be shown how to use it on each individual image. There is no magic bullet one hit wonder preset. A preset is merely the first stage in my 6 stage development process.

You will find that photographers will generally keep their post production techniques a secret. I call this the black box of photography. I’ll be revealing every single part of my workflow and development process, all of my secrets.

I’ve designed this workshop to give you results. Not only will it save you the time and effort that I’ve spent learning about post production, you’ll be taught HOW to learn photography using Lightroom. This workshop is not a user guide, it’s much more than that. If you’re after general information – youtube is awesome. If you want results – I’ll teach you how to get them.

On facebook not long ago we had a discussion about the price for this workshop. I’ve pasted my main response here:

“Hey Louise, thanks for your comment. When it came to pricing this workshop I spent a huge amount of time researching photography education for hobbyists all over the world. Almost as much time as I spent creating the content for this workshop in fact! I found that 99% of the time everything fell into one of two groups – the “$100-$200 range” or the “$1200 – $2000 range.”

In the first group generally the course content could be easily found on youtube with a quick search. I also found the instructors had no track record in photography, no portfolio, no nothing. So you’d be paying for free information from an unknown, unproven source.

The second group is aimed at professional photographers like myself who want to learn from the worlds best. These workshops are great, as I’ve done a few, but Im a full time working professional photographer living from my craft. This isn’t a viable option for hobbyists.

I’ve actually done everything in my power to make this the most valuable post production workshop you can find for under $1200. University’s are only just starting to teach Adobe Lightroom now, I’ve been using it since 2007 and perfecting my workflow day by day. If I were offered a teaching position at a University I’d probably turn it down as I prefer to teach passionate, keen and enthusiastic people in small groups. Rather than lecture the masses and connect with nobody.

I’d love to know if you can find another equivalent workshop for this price, if not double this price. And I’d be more than happy to chat to you one to one about any other possible alternative. – Daniel.”

Digital photographs still need to be developed.

One of the biggest things I failed to understand when I was starting out with photography is that digital photographs still need to be developed. Your camera has two modes, JPEG mode and RAW mode.

When you switch it on for the first time it defaults to JPEG mode and this means that every photograph you take has already been “developed” by the camera. When you switch to RAW mode, you end up with RAW files instead of JPEG files, and RAW files are our digital negatives.

Professionals always shoot in RAW.

As photographers, we want RAW photographs so we can take full control over the development process. Instead of letting our cameras develop our photographs, we want to use the full power our computers and professional software like Adobe Lightroom.

Developing your digital photographs is a very personal and subjective process. But have you noticed these days how often you see heavily “photoshopped” photographs? Many of them look more like digital artwork rather than photographs. The point of this Lightroom Workshop is to teach you how to develop your photographs with authenticity, and give you a simple, efficient system for organising and managing them.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.” – Confucius.

Every single photograph in my portfolio has been developed using Adobe Lightroom alone. I’m all about keeping my development work simple and uncomplicated, so if I can do everything using Lightroom, I will. Here’s a few photographs from my portfolio.

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