Comparing the Nikon Z5 and Nikon Z6: Where the Z5 Falls Short

1 minute read

While the Nikon Z5 and Z6 are both excellent cameras, there are several areas where the Z5 doesn’t quite match up to the performance of the Z6. Here’s a closer look.

Video Capabilities – The Biggest Downfall

The Z6 offers superior video capabilities, including full-frame 4K video recording with no crop, 10-bit N-Log and HLG HDR output, and 120 fps slow-motion video at 1080p. In contrast, the Z5’s 4K video recording has a  huge 1.7x crop factor and lacks 10-bit N-Log and HLG HDR options.

Continuous Shooting Speed

With a faster continuous shooting speed of 12 frames per second (FPS), the Nikon Z6 outperforms the Z5’s 4.5 FPS. This makes the Z6 a better choice for action photography or any scenario where rapid shooting is crucial.

Top Panel Display

The Nikon Z6 comes with a top panel display which provides quick access to camera settings, a feature that the Z5 lacks as a cost-saving measure.

LCD Screen Resolution

With a higher resolution LCD screen (2,100k dots) than the Z5 (1,040k dots), the Z6 offers a better experience when reviewing images and navigating menus.

Advantages of Nikon Z5 Over Z6

While the Nikon Z6 often outperforms the Nikon Z5, there are several key areas where the Z5 excels. Here are some of the ways the Nikon Z5 might be a better fit for your photography needs.

Affordable Full-Frame Photography

The Nikon Z5 is a more cost-effective option than the Z6. It’s an excellent choice for photographers looking to explore full-frame mirrorless photography without stretching their budget.

Dual SD Card Slots

Unlike the Z6, the Z5 features dual SD card slots. This is a significant benefit for many photographers, enabling instant backup, extended shooting sessions, and easy separation of different file types.

User-Friendly Interface

The Z5’s interface is arguably more beginner-friendly than the Z6’s. If you’re transitioning from a simpler camera, or you prefer a more straightforward, user-friendly interface, the Z5 could be the better choice for you.

Battery Grip Accessory

Nikon has designed a battery grip specifically for the Z5 model. This accessory can enhance ergonomics and extend shooting time, making it an attractive feature for many photographers.

Choosing between the Nikon Z5 and Z6 depends on your individual photography needs. Both models offer excellent features and performance, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

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