Online Photography Courses

Learn from National Geographic Featured Photographer Daniel Bilsborough. Our current online photography courses include: Phone Photography Mastery, Adobe Lightroom Online Course, Home Studio Portraiture (coming soon), Wedding Photography Mastery (coming soon).

Phone Photography Online Course $49

Iphone and Android smart phone photography course. Brand new for 2018!

Learn: RAW vs JPEG on your phone, phone photography VS “camera” photography, understanding and controlling exposure, fundamentals of light, artistic composition, landscape, travel and people photography, key elements of post production on your phone, my personal Lightroom preset, live edit 22 images, before and after series, extra apps, exporting, backups, Instagram.

iphone photography online course

Adobe Lightroom Online Course

One Lightroom University – Lifetime membership, lifetime of education

One day online workshop, 10 Modules, download 50 RAW files from my global portfolio and learn how to develop them with my personal Lightroom preset. Take your photography education to the next level and join our students from all around the world! USA, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK and Brazil. “Learn everything I know about post production in less than a day.”

Adobe Lightroom Online Course