New York City

One to One Travel Photography Classes in NYC.
The City So Nice, They Named It Twice.

Learn how to use your digital camera on our DSLR Express travel photography classes in New York! Our professional photographers will help you improve your photography skills instantly! See New York’s best hidden and iconic photographic hot spots and learn about manual mode and controlling the light!


One Day Beginners Classes.

Learn how to use your digital camera in two hours! Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to learn something new and not really getting it? Frustration takes over, you throw your camera at a wall, you give up… and then… you… eventually buy a new camera. Let’s forget about that little “situation.” Here you have an expert photography mentor right next to you, guiding you along, hands on, one to one so you can improve your photography skills instantly!

So What Will You Learn?

When using automatic mode have you ever wondered why your photographs appear too dark or too bright? This is because your camera’s auto mode is “metering” the light without understanding what YOU want to do with the photograph. It makes a mathematic calculation and acts on that. You’ll learn about finding the best light and how to control it so you can see how it affects your photograph. No more blurry images or missing that gorgeous sunset. More importantly, you’ll learn how to use your digital camera in manual mode. Over time we’ve refined our manual mode teaching philosophy. In fact, its simplicity is something we’re quite proud of. You’ll learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and controlling the light with your camera. Our courses are constantly evolving as we discover new hidden photographic hot spots around the world, join us and capture your own unique photographs!

DSLR Express. Travel Photography Class.
Iconic New York.


“We’ll explore one of NYC’s most recognisable neighbourhoods, the financial district. Soaring skyscrapers, sleek suits and slick hairstyles, you’ll learn how to capture some of the most iconic sites in the world. We’ll top this off with a quick trip to midtown where we’ll show you our most famous rooftop bar and take some post card worthy imagery of the empire state building.”

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DSLR Express. Travel Photography Class.
Cultural New York.


“We start this class in Harlem, one of New York’s most diverse neighborhoods. Its distinctive character and vibrant mix of cultural institutions, shops and historic spots are a street photographer’s oasis. Just before sunset we’ll take the subway to our absolute favourite Manhattan skyline location. Here we’ll teach you about capturing this iconic city in the best possible light.”

We’ll contact you asap after you enroll


Your photography mentor will be Christine or Jeff


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