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Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, New York.

Learn how to use your digital camera on our travel photography, street photography, night photography, landscape photography and DSLR & Mirrorless Express photography courses. Our professional photographers will help you improve your photography skills instantly! See your city’s best hidden and iconic photographic hot spots and learn about manual mode and controlling the light.


Travel Photography Course – $99

You will learn exactly how to use your digital camera in manual mode in 2 hours! You can bring any camera along! DSLR, mirrorless, Iphone, Leica M9 or anything in between. You’ll be learning about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how to control the light so you never have to use automatic mode again! We’ve spent countless hours on the streets discovering secret laneways, rooftops and ever changing street art. You’ll be taken to some of coolest “off the beaten track” photographic hot spots in town… shhhhhhhh, keep these locations a secret. Travel photography is all about learning how to use your camera with a minimal amount of gear, being discreet, thinking quickly, finding interesting subjects, capturing the moment and documenting your environment.

Night Photography Course – $99

You will learn everything you need to know about using your digital camera in manual mode at night! Bring a tripod for this one as you’ll be learning about light painting, light trails and long exposures. Photograph Melbourne’s most iconic hot spots at night. Including our secret night photography rooftop and the most beautiful architectural bridge in Melbourne. We’ll take you to the best vantage points to make the most out of our alluring city. To round off your photography education we recommend you check out our travel photography course as well! Hand held photography on the streets is quite different to night photography with a tripod!

DSLR and Mirrorless Express – $149

This our most popular photography course! The “zero to hero,” 3 hour photography course for all DSLR and mirrorless camera owners. You will learn exactly how to use your camera in manual mode! This means we’ll be teaching you about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and controlling the light with your camera. It’s time for you to stop using automatic mode and start learning about the fundamental concepts of photography so you can take advantage of your expensive digital camera! All of our photography courses are specifically aimed at beginners. You don’t need any kind of prior experience or photography knowledge to enrol. Our teaching philosophy is something we’re quite proud of and we cant wait for you to experience it!

Landscape Photography Course – $149

Bring a tripod for this photography course as we’ll be teaching you exactly how to create blurry, cloud like water with long exposures, and how to capture a perfect golden sunset over our hidden coastline. You will learn about manual mode in order to control the light which means understanding how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together. Landscape photography is about people watching, landscapes and a sunset by the sea :) This course is a nice blend between understanding the concepts of hand held photography and understanding how to use your tripod effectively. Plus, who doesn’t love being by the beach?!

Private Photography Course / Tuition – $249

Bring up to 3 people along to your own private photography course! We’ll structure the teaching material around your exact needs. Bring your mum? She’ll love it!

Lightroom Courses Australia

Your Lightroom teacher: National Geographic Featured Photographer Daniel Bilsborough

Daniel Bilsborough, travel photographer, certified Adobe Lightroom Expert.
Founder of the djb photography school and Our Travel Photographer.
Published in National Geographic Traveller Magazine.


“Since 2007 I’ve spent my life learning, experiencing and making mistakes with Adobe Lightroom. I’ll teach you everything I currently know in one workshop, and most importantly – what I wish I knew when I started. You’ll learn how to use Lightroom to manage and organise all of your photographs, how to develop you RAW files with authenticity, and the four big mistakes I’ve made in my photography career. You’ll learn exactly what NOT to do.”

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