Guest Appearances


Episode 6

Marcus Theodor, C2 Films.

Marcus is a 20 year wedding film maker based in Australia and runs the company C2 Films. We talk about starting, running and expanding a small business, hiring staff, family, and life without regrets. Marcus provides a nice dose of wisdom and inspiration.


Episode 5

Oli Sansom.

Oli is Australia‚Äôs 2014 Emerging Photographer of the year, and one of Rangefinder Magazine’s top 30 rising photography stars in the world. We chat about being flown all over the globe to speak at photography conventions, working at home vs paying for a studio and the importance of making friends in the industry.


Episode 3

Landscape Photographer Of the Year.

We chat to Ricardo Da Cunha about the application process with the Australian Professional Photography Awards, where he started, and what inspires him.


Episode 2

Four years in Hollywood.

We chat to Kristian Dowling about how he moved from photographing kids football games in Melbourne to photographing Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen and The Hoff in Hollywood.


Episode 1

Stuart & Daniel. Not a love story.

Podcast day one… We chat about how we both acquired our first paid photography jobs after picking up a camera for the first time.

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