Private Photography Courses & Tuition

Perfect for families, couples, work teams and anyone who wants a little extra one to one tuition! Learn about travel photography and how to use your digital camera in your own private group!

Bring up to 3 people!

Create your own private photography course! We’ll structure the teaching material around your exact needs. Bring your mum and grandma? They’ll love it! We’ll be teaching you exactly how to use your digital camera in manual mode. That means you’ll be learning about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how to control the light with your digital camera!

Why is this even important? Because learning about how these three things work together is fundamental to understanding photography. Every time you take a photograph in manual mode you’re learning more about photography. Let me rephrase that, your photography education occurs when you’re actively practicing manual mode! And not only this, you’re actually producing imagery that you can be truly proud of. Let’s be honest, how much credit can you really take when your camera is in automatic mode? Here’s my answer – not nearly as much as compared to you shooting the same photograph in manual mode.

On this private travel and street photography course we’ll be teaching you about how manual mode is important when you’re on the move in another country. People are fearful of manual mode because they believe they will miss moments. In this course we’ll teach you why this fear is completely unjustified!

$249 total, bring up to three people. Choose your dates and times via email after you have enrolled!

Gift Voucher?

All of our photography courses can be given as a gift! We love bringing people together for photography! In the past we’ve spent our time teaching work teams, couples and families. Yes – 3 generations in one photography course :) If you’d like more information please use the “chat with us” button on the bottom right of the page here. Thanks for visiting!