Wait! Do these two things:

ONE: Confirm your email address!

80% of people who dont confirm within the first 5 minutes will never confirm. Check your email to do this now and scroll down to see what to expect in your inbox!

TWO: Keep an eye out!

Keep an eye out for the “enrolment open now” email. We’ll be sending this out very soon!

1. Check your email and look for this:

2. Open it and click the confirmation link.

3. Then you’ll receive this email:

4. Ensure my emails DONT go into your spam. Add me to your address book:


5. Do you have a gmail account?

Lately Gmail has been hiding my emails from you under a “promotions” tab. Can you see the “Social” and “Promotions” tabs? Click the plus sign then un-tick these two options. See the red highlighted areas in the images below.


You’re done!