Just A Min!
Do These Two Things?

One. Confirm Your Email Address.

Our invite system needs to know that you’re not a spammer. Without you confirming, your email address is automatically deleted. 80% of people who don’t confirm within the first 5 minutes will never confirm. Check your email to do this now and scroll down to see what to expect in your inbox.

Two. A New Email Will Arrive.

After you have confirmed look out for this second email. Enrol into your Lightroom workshop with this one. Keep an eye out for the “enrolment open now” email. I’ll be sending this out very soon. – Daniel.

1. Check your email and look for this:

2. Open it and click the confirmation link.

3. Then you’ll receive this email:

4. Ensure my emails DONT go into your spam. Add me to your address book:


5. Do you have a gmail account?

Lately Gmail has been hiding my emails from you under a “promotions” tab. Can you see the “Social” and “Promotions” tabs? Click the plus sign then un-tick these two options. See the red highlighted areas in the images below.


You’re done!