Session One – Photography Essentials.

(Date: April 2nd, 6:30pm – 9pm. COMPLETE.)

Click here to check out the photographs from April 2nd!


There are a few reasons why you’ll want to be using manual mode. But primarily it’s to LEARN ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY! What’s the point in spending $1000 on a digital camera if you’re just pointing and shooting?! You may as well be using your phone.

Manual mode is all about controlling the light, so you don’t have to worry about blurry images or missing that fleeting sunset. Instead, you can focus on having fun with freezing motion and creating beautiful silhouettes. This is your “essentials” workshop, we’ll build a solid foundation and THEN take you to the next level.

You Will Learn


Shutter Speed.
Freezing motion, blurring motion and creating silhouettes with simple everyday lighting.


Creating “background blur,” three key F Stop values for portraits, landscapes and street photography.


ISO, Low light photography.
Shooting at night without a flash, avoiding digital noise.


Smart Phone Photography.
Apps we love and use every single day. The essentials of post production on your phone.

Session Two – Night Photography Walk.

Mastering low light.

When it comes to night photography we’re all about KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Do you really want to be lugging around 25kg’s worth of camera gear because the guy at JB-HIFI told you to? Let’s save that little “situation” for our next backpacking adventure around Scandinavia.

You Will Learn


Long exposures.
There are a few little tricks to learn when using slow shutter speeds, what’s good blur and what’s bad blur?! We’ll show you the difference by using moving water as our subject.


Light painting.
Learn how to draw and write words in the air with light! Check out the middle photograph below, you’ll learn that.


Light Trails.
We’ll take you to our secret rooftop where you’ll learn about photographing moving subjects from above. Sweet.


Architecture at night.
We’ve spent years hunting down the best hot spots for night photography in our city. We’ll show you how to capture them like a pro.

You’ll Need:

A tripod, your camera and a maximum of two lenses. ANY tripod will do. We just need something to keep our cameras still for those long exposures. Take a look at this one on ebay. You won’t need a flash, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the light from your phone to make some seriously awesome low light snaps. Remember, keep… it… simple.

Session Three – Adobe Lightroom.

RAW vs JPEG, post production, Adobe Lightroom and the Art of Authenticity.
(Date: TBA)

Learning post production is literally a LIFE CHANGING experience. This is where I started to realise that “developing” your photographs is still INTEGRAL with digital photography. Except now I can do it on my laptop… while I’m at the beach… sipping on pina coladas.

“But I always get it right in camera” I hear you say. In the 1930s, Ansel Adams was also getting it right in camera. But what was he doing before you see the final shot?

Dodging, burning, changing contrast with contrast filters, then taking a final copy of the negative so he can reproduce the photograph. He was a master at developing images in the dark room. Nothing has changed with digital photography, except now we’re able to access the entire power of the darkroom with one affordable piece of software. Adobe Lightroom.

This is our flagship workshop, and has been taken by students all across the world. It’s online, can be completed in one day and you’ll have access for an entire year to re-educate yourself whenever you need to. Read more about it here, and watch what we can do with Lightroom below: