About djb photography courses

There are only two photography courses for you here in Melbourne. The DSLR & Mirrorless Express ($249), and the Adobe Lightroom beginners masterclass ($299).

The Adobe Lightroom course online is available worldwide for $499US, lifetime access, lifetime of updates.

You need absolutely no prior photography knowledge to attend, and both of courses have been running in Melbourne since 2011. If you have always wanted to learn about photography, but have never had the time required to learn, you are in the right place.

Each photography course in Melbourne runs for 3 hours – you will learn everything you need to begin your photography journey on your own. You don’t need to invest weeks, months or years. We pride ourselves on creating the most efficient photography learning methodology available to beginners.

A Note From Daniel

In 2010 I spent 4 months in Africa. My visa in the UK had expired and before I returned to Australia I wanted to see our beautiful mother continent. The animals, the land, the people. I travelled to 12 countries by overland truck and spent much time on the road.

I wasn’t sure if the corporate life was for me. Spending my time in an office cubicle was a safe life. Reliable income, nice people, routine. But it involved a limited amount of self expression. So I began to write a plan to start a photography school in Melbourne. A school where I would teach photography to people who didn’t want to study it at university.

A school where anyone could come. Where the only required qualification was that you had a camera and a lens. And where your eyes would be opened to the magic of photography. And the ease of it. You would surprise yourself at the kind of imagery you would soon produce.

I first started the Djb Photography School in 2011. By mid 2013 I had a team of photographers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland and New York. We would teach travel photography as short courses, then post production using Lightroom.

Here arrives 2020. The year of pause. Reflection. Adaptation. Purification. I realised that throughout the last 10 years of running the school I’d been forcing things. I had been looking outside of me for answers. Looking to see what everyone else was doing and then forcing the photography school into those paradigms.

I was not creating from me. From where I knew things to be true.

Now I will be teaching you photography in a way that you are individually coded for. In this place you’re not paying for the information itself. You’re paying for the time with an experienced teacher who can leapfrog your acquisition of knowledge. In turn you can immediately and effectively use the skill of photography to produce your own art in your own way.

I only teach 2 photography courses in Melbourne, the DSLR and Mirrorless Express, and the Adobe Lightroom Beginners Masterclass. You need no prior knowledge of photography to attend, and you will leave with a solid foundation of the fundamental knowledge required to create your own photographic masterpiece

I hope to see you soon.