First up, if you live in one of these cities then leaping lizards you’re in luck. We run world famous beginners photography workshops in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland!

Yes, that means we have a team of huggable photography mentors across the globe running photography walks 2-3 times a month :)




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When it comes to learning anything new – cooking, using your new iPad or growing a Chia Pet; initial confusion and stress are the worst things for your motivation and confidence. Giving up becomes easier than moving forward. Boooooooooo!

I developed this course to give you the little wins you need to build your enthusiasm and re-connect you with photography. Learning to use your camera has become SO complicated for no reason.

We want you to get back in touch with photography, and we want EVERYONE to do this course! It’s free so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We’ve had students from across the globe take this course and received HUNDREDS of comments! It’s pretty popular. All the other photography courses are totally jealous.



Join one of our totally huggable photography mentors and learn how to use your camera in manual mode! We’ve mapped out soooooooo many interesting walks all over Australia, New Zealand and the USA so you can experience your city’s best photographic hot spots.


I’ve spent years developing, perfecting and modernising this workshop to ensure it’s the most professional, cutting edge form of post production education you have access to. This is an online workshop with a lifetime membership. We’ll spend one entire day together learning about Lightroom, the art of authenticity and what happens behind the scenes.


Watch my story below, press play :)

djb Teaching Philosophy

“We learn by example and by direct experience because there are
real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.” – Malcom Gladwell.

I get lots of requests to open “just one more place” in the sold out workshops, and while I’d totally love to have you along , I’d be actually be doing you a disservice if I offered additional places.

The relationship between the lead photographer and student is based on a principle of mentorship and guidance, if the numbers are too high it becomes difficult to connect with everyone.

At the school, we’re not here to leave you in the dark with some tips dumped into your inbox or to hand out notes and send you on your way :) Everything we teach at the djb photography school is centered around connecting with you and giving you real results.

If you miss out, dont worry! Just jump on the email list to get the latest workshop details :) When the next session comes along you’ll be glad to have all the attention you deserve.

Hi I’m Daniel

When I started digital photography in 2005 I was using a Canon 350D with a 17-85mm zoom lens. I knew nothing about composition, focal lengths, or post production.

A few years later I decided to see the world and ended up using this camera for four years, on five continents, in 38 countries and through 86 cities; and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to travel the world.

Now Im working full time as a photographer in Melbourne and living from my profession. I’ve never been officially trained in photography but I learnt by practicing… lots.

I’ve always felt that before I start teaching photography, I need to have a portfolio to back up my expertise. It wouldn’t make sense for me to give advice if I were still photographing my grandmas cat. I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio here.

Check out the giving to africa page! For every photography walk you attend you’re helping support the djb sponsor child :)