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I didn’t get my confirmation email and I am FREAKING OUT.

If you booked into a walk-shop and didn’t receive your confirmation email within 5 minutes, please contact us asap using the form below. This is the only way for you to reach us, so please please please don’t leave it to the day of walk-shop, chances are we wont get back to you in time!


I need to actually “speak” to a person. You know, using voice.

All of our student support is done via email and chat. Plus, we’re still waiting for our phone answering droid Elav to return from his space vacation. Apparently he’s doing well. Dont worry, everything you need to know is on this website. If you cant find what you’re looking for contact us using the form at the end of this page. I promise we are real people answering your questions.


The weather’s not great, so like… what if it rains dude?

Bad weather is more of a pain in the neck a than bad case of whiplash.

Although our photography mentors will be monitoring the weather radar and summoning the rain guardian Tlaloc, years of experience have told us that it’s extremely difficult to predict the rain. Sometimes it’s sunny at the start of the walk and raining by the end, other times it’s cats and dogs when we begin and sunshine at the end. Dont let old man winter put you off!

Our policy is to make a tweet 1 hour before the walk if it is to be cancelled. When you register for the walk you’ll be given access to the twitter feed, so make sure to monitor this if you think there’s a possibility the walk will be cancelled. If it is, you’ll receive an open date gift voucher to use whenever you like, and we’ll re-schedule the walk so you can book back in to the same one :)

We do our best to make a decision with the information at hand, but sometimes these things are plain and simply out of our control.

But I live one hour away? That’s not enough notice. Yep, we understand. Our rain policy is not helpful for you in this case and we suggest that you make your own decision about a possible cancellation so that we dont waste your time. If you decide not to come and we do end up running the walk, DONT WORRY! You wont lose your money, we’ll give you a gift voucher so you can come along to another walk at any time over the next year.

If we decide to go ahead and it does rain, don’t freak out! Your photography mentor is well versed with the path and knows all the little nooks and crannys for cover. Be prepared for the rain! Bring a rain coat and an umbrella, then we can help each other to use our cameras under cover :)

Besides, you’ll always take some amazing photographs in the rain :) Have you ever noticed in the movies how often the streets and roads are actually wet? They do that on purpose!


I’m sick, work needs me, the dog ate my camera.

Places are non-refundable but you can allow somebody else to take your spot… as long as they are your exact genetic clone… Jokes! Just let your mentor know what’s up on arrival :)


Where do we meet? Is there parking? Can I ride my kangaroo?

Once you have a place you’ll receive an email with everything you need to know. Dont lose that email! Print it, laminate it, make a life size poster of it. The fate of the world as you know it is contained in that email :| Sometimes, this email gets its panty’s in a twist and wont make it to your inbox. Use the contact form below and we’ll make sure you receive it.

Once you know the meet point, check it out on google maps! You’ll be able to see the nearest train stations, the parking situation, and if there’s a heli pad for your private chopper :|


Well paint me green and call me a pickle, I’m running late!

Check out the meet point details and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early! The only way for you to contact your photography mentor is to meet at the right time and the right place. Just imagine you’re going on a first date in the 1930’s :) We’ll even get you home before midnight so you dont turn into a pumpkin. “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – William Shakespeare.


What sort of camera do I need? What about film?

You need a 1839 Susse Freres daguerreotype… Kidding! You can bring any camera to the walks! We’ve had people come along with iphones, Leica M9’s, Nikon D4’s and everything in between. The djb photography mentors are familiar with a solid range of cameras, they’ll be able to help you get the most out of yours. If you have a film camera, just make sure it has full manual mode, the concepts we’ll be teaching apply to both film and digital photography.


Do I need a tripod or flash? What about lenses?

We’re all about keeping … it … simple. Who wants to be wandering the streets with 15KG’s of photography gear?! Let’s save that little “situation” for your next backpacking adventure around Scandinavia. Bring two lenses as a maximum, you choose which ones. You’ll only need a tripod if you’re attending a night walk and you’ll never need a flash. Ambient light can be your best friend, we’ll hook you guys up :)


March 2042, I’m flying in. Will there be a walk-shop then?

We plan the walk-shops two or three months in advance, if you’re interested in a date further ahead or have a group of people interested – contact us below and we’ll do our best to help you out! :)


I bought a gift voucher and never received it, what the?!

On the very odd occasion your inbox restricts its dietary intake, seriously – check your spam folder! Still cant find it? Please email us at or use the form below. Remember, Australian gift vouchers are available instantly! Look for the “Get Media Access” button in your email receipt, and use your order ID as your voucher code.


Can We Share Cameras?

In the past when we’ve tried to teach students who share a camera it’s been very unsuccessful. Most of the time it ends up with both people learning half as much as they could. You would be much better off borrowing a second camera for the course if that’s an option :)


Still have a question? Tap the “Chat With Us” button on the bottom of your screen :)