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Photography courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, New York.

Have you seen our free online Lightroom tutorials? Join 10,000 students from around the world in this photography course. You’ll receive the following Lightroom tutorials: 15 minute beginners guide to Lightroom, why you will regret shooting in JPEG mode, 5 instant improvements you can make to your photographs using Lightroom, how to create professional landscape panoramas with any camera! PLUS learn how Daniel’s photograph was featured on the cover of Nat Geo Traveller magazine. By email only :) Check out our other photography courses below!

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Photography Courses

photography courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, New York

Learn how to use your digital camera on our travel photography, street photography, night photography and landscape photography courses. Our professional photographers will help you improve your photography skills instantly! See your city’s best hidden and iconic photographic hot spots and learn about manual mode and controlling the light. Aimed at beginners, travellers and explorers, you’ll visit laneways, rooftops, world famous street art and hidden coastal viewpoints!

Lightroom Courses Australia

Your Lightroom teacher: National Geographic Featured Photographer Daniel Bilsborough

Daniel Bilsborough, travel photographer, certified Adobe Lightroom Expert.
Founder of the djb photography school and Our Travel Photographer.
Published in National Geographic Traveller Magazine.


“Since 2007 I’ve spent my life learning, experiencing and making mistakes with Adobe Lightroom. I’ll teach you everything I currently know in one workshop, and most importantly – what I wish I knew when I started. You’ll learn how to use Lightroom to manage and organise all of your photographs, how to develop you RAW files with authenticity, and the four big mistakes I’ve made in my photography career. You’ll learn exactly what NOT to do.”

photography walk tv sydney essentials

1. Phone Photography Online Course $49

Iphone and Android smart phone photography course. Brand new for 2018!

Learn: RAW vs JPEG on your phone, phone photography VS “camera” photography, understanding and controlling exposure, fundamentals of light, artistic composition, landscape, travel and people photography, key elements of post production on your phone, my personal Lightroom preset, live edit 22 images, before and after series, extra apps, exporting, backups, Instagram.

photography walk tv sydney essentials

2. Adobe Lightroom Online Course

One Lightroom University – Lifetime membership, lifetime of education

One day online workshop, 10 Modules, download 50 RAW files from my global portfolio and learn how to develop them with my personal Lightroom preset. Take your photography education to the next level and join our students from all around the world! USA, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK and Brazil. “Learn everything I know about post production in less than a day.”

Photography Walk TV

In our latest production we take you to our favourite hidden and iconic photographic hot spots in your city and teach you how to photograph them! Press play below.

photography walk tv sydney essentials

Lightroom Tutorials

Lightroom tutorials for beginners

Photography beginner? In this 15 minute Lightroom tutorial you will learn everything you need to know in order to start using Lightroom right now! Lightroom is the industry standard for professional photographic post production and development work. These Lightroom tutorials are designed to give you a kick start so you can start developing your photographs right now!

Photography Course Gift Vouchers

The best photography gift you’ll ever give? Except maybe for that teacup pig… Starting at $49


Free photography workshop!

Why you will regret shooting in JPEG mode.

Lightroom - Five instant improvements to your photographs.

Professional landscape panoramas with any camera!

How my photograph was featured on the cover of Nat Geo Traveller magazine.

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