Beginners Masterclass

Why do we need post production when our photographs are digital?

I point, I click, I see the photo. I’m done. In order to bring you into this world let me compare the process of digital photography to film photography.

With film you would first take a photograph on a negative, then take that roll of film to a lab and have it developed. In order to see what you have created you would rely on the series of processes in the lab used to convert the negative into a print. The way your photograph looked would differ depending on the lab. If you went to Kmart it would look one way. If you took it to a professional lab it would look another.

Kmart is equivalent to what you see when you instantly review your photograph on your digital camera. We call this the ‘out of camera’ jpeg file.

The professional lab is equivalent to what you would produce if you were shooting in RAW (the digital negative) and using Adobe Lightroom to develop your digital negatives yourself.

 The big difference with digital photography is that now you are the photographer AND the professional lab.

Lightroom is the world where the bulk of your photography learning takes place. It’s in here where you have the ability to quickly analyse and understand your mistakes. So that you may make improvements in the field next time.

It’s here where you unleash the power of digital negatives to extrapolate and finalise your interpretation of the image. As you work with Lightroom and experiment with your photographs, you begin to understand light. As you analyse your framing and visualise your composition, you begin to see the little things that you didn’t know about while taking the photograph. You start the witness the power of the moment. And how the smallest changes in timing can take an image from good to great. You learn and level up your photography skills for next time in the field.

Lightroom is the photography masters playground.

In this 1 day beginners masterclass you will learn everything I know about photographic post production in Lightroom. Everything I’ve learnt after using Lightroom since 2008.

This immersive online group learning experience allows you to ask questions and seek feedback. Your knowledge acquisition is magnified by each group member. Their feedback is your feedback, and your feedback is theirs.

If you’re after an instruction manual for Lightroom, there are plenty of fantastic free tutorials on YouTube. This course is for those who wish to create imagery for themselves as a way of individual self expression.

For those who believe that photography is their art.

Before And After. You Will See Exactly How These Photographs Are Developed