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Learn how to use your digital camera on our travel photography, street photography, night photography and landscape photography courses in Melbourne. Our professional photographers will help you improve your photography skills instantly! See Melbourne’s best hidden and iconic photographic hot spots and learn about manual mode and controlling the light! Scroll down for upcoming dates and times.


One Day Beginners Short Courses.

Learn how to use your digital camera in two hours! Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to learn something new and not really getting it? Frustration takes over, you throw your camera at a wall, you give up… and then… you… eventually buy a new camera. Let’s forget about that little “situation.” Here you have an expert photography mentor right next to you, guiding you along, hands on, one to one so you can improve your photography skills instantly!

Adobe Lightroom One Day Workshop (NEW)


Sunday September 8 2019 10am- 6pm.

DSLR Express Course.

Half Day. Travel Photography. Mornings.

DSLR photography course Melbourne

Forget your camera manual! This course is perfect for beginners wanting to learn about the fundamentals of their DSLR in under half a day. Learn about shutter speed, F Stops, ISO, white balance, background blur. Learn the essential travel photography skills to help you on your next adventure. We’ll be taking you to our favourite photographic hot spots in Melbourne, you’ll never want to use automatic mode again!

Most Saturday Mornings.

Travel Photography Course

Laneways, Rooftops and Street Art.

street photography course melbourne

We’ve spent countless hours on the streets of Melbourne discovering secret laneways, rooftops and ever changing street art. You’ll be taken to some of coolest “off the beaten track” photographic hot spots in town… shhhhhhhh, keep these locations a secret. Travel photography is all about learning how to use your camera with a minimal amount of gear, being discreet, thinking quickly, finding interesting subjects, capturing the moment and documenting your environment.

Some weekends!

Tourist Photography Course

DSLR Express. Travel Essentials. Private.

tourist photography course melbourne

There’s a few things you just HAVE to photograph in our city, and this course hit’s most of them. It’s an all round winner to enjoy Melbourne’s iconic hot spots and our favourite place to capture the sunset over Melbourne. It’s ridiculously good looking. We recommend this course for tourists who want to create some instant postcard worthy Melbourne imagery. We’ll teach you the essential travel photography skills along the way!

Around Your schedule. Up to 3 Students.

Lightroom Course

One day workshop with daniel bilsborough.

lightroom course melbourne

“Since 2007 I’ve spent my life learning, experiencing and making mistakes with Adobe Lightroom. I’ll teach you everything I currently know in one workshop, and most importantly – what I wish I knew when I started. You’ll learn how to use Lightroom to manage and organise all of your photographs, how to develop you RAW files with authenticity, and the four big mistakes I’ve made in my photography career.”

Sunday September 8 2019 10am- 6pm.

Night Photography Course

Rooftops, Architecture and light painting.

night photography course melbourne

Photograph Melbourne’s most iconic hot spots at night. Including our secret night photography rooftop and the most beautiful bridge in Melbourne. We’ll take you to the best vantage points to make the most out of this alluring city. Long exposures, light painting, and how to use your tripod like a legend :) To round off your photography education we recommend you check out our travel photography course as well! Hand held photography on the streets is quite different to using a tripod!

Some weekends!

Landscape Photography Course

Blurry cloud-like water, the Ocean and Lighthouses.

landscape photography course melbourne

We’ll teach you exactly how to create blurry, cloud like water with long exposures, and how to capture a perfect golden sunset over Melbourne’s hidden coastline. Landscape photography essentials is about people watching, landscapes and a sunset by the sea :) This course is a nice blend between understanding the concepts of hand held photography and understanding how to use your tripod effectively. Plus, who doesn’t love being by the beach?!

Rare: Once every two months. 2.5 hours. Get in quick.

So What Will You Learn?

When using automatic mode have you ever wondered why your photographs appear too dark or too bright? This is because your camera’s auto mode is “metering” the light without understanding what YOU want to do with the photograph. It makes a mathematic calculation and acts on that. You’ll learn about finding the best light and how to control it so you can see how it affects your photograph. No more blurry images or missing that gorgeous sunset. More importantly, you’ll learn how to use your digital camera in manual mode. Over time we’ve refined our manual mode teaching philosophy. In fact, its simplicity is something we’re quite proud of. You’ll learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and controlling the light with your camera. Our courses are constantly evolving as we discover new hidden photographic hot spots around the world, join us and capture your own unique photographs!

photography courses melbourne

All imagery from photography courses in Melbourne by one of our professional photography mentors.

Gimme the details


Group size – 8 legends. Your group will be limited to 8 people because we want to connect with everyone equally. You “getting it” is our first priority and we do that through one to one mentorship.


How long – 2 hours. After hundreds of photography courses around the world, 90% of our students tell us that two hours is the perfect amount of time. We always choose to start just before sunset or sunrise, light is super important and we want you to create the best possible images from your photography course!


What do I need, gear wise? One camera, one lens. That’s it! These days, every DSLR, and 99% of point and shoot cameras will have manual mode, don’t sweat it! For more details read our FAQ.


Who’s this for? – Beginners, travellers and explorers! We have such a variety of students attend our photography courses. Newbie photographers, tourists, locals, enthusiasts, retirees, newlyweds, stamp collectors, teddy bear repair technicians. We do have one exception – if you’re already familiar with using manual mode on your digital camera, please be aware that our photography courses are squarely aimed at beginners!

Your photography mentor will be Anthony or Stephanie :)


Photography Walk TV

Join our TV host Rachel in our latest production where we take you to the best iconic and hidden photographic hot spots in your city to teach you how to photograph them!


100 Un-Edited Real Testimonials

djb photography walk testimonials

Melbourne Photography Course Gift Voucher

Best gift you’ll ever give? Except maybe for that tea cup pig…


Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners


In this Lightroom tutorial for beginners you’ll learn exactly how to start using Lightroom in 15 minutes. This tutorial is aimed at Lightroom newbies and its intention is to give you an overview of everything, perfect if you want a kick start in LR right now! Your teacher is National Geographic featured photographer Daniel Bilsborough, founder of the djb photography school.

lightroom tutorials

Question? Read The FAQ

Questions answered in the FAQ: Where do we meet? What happens if it rains? What type of camera do I need?

Questions NOT answered in the FAQ: Do I look good in this hat? Do you think Zac Efron is nice in real life? Would a fly without wings be called a walk?

Giving You Real Results

“We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits
to the adequacy of verbal instruction.” – Malcom Gladwell.

We receive many requests to open “just one more place” in the sold out workshops, and while we’d totally love to have you along, we’d be actually be doing you a disservice if we offered additional places. The relationship between the photography mentor and student is based on a principle of mentorship and guidance; if the numbers are too high it becomes difficult to connect with everyone. At the school, we’re not here to leave you in the dark, hand out some notes then send you on your way :) Everything we teach at the djb photography school is centered around connecting with you and giving you real results. If you miss out, dont worry! When the next session comes along you’ll be glad to have all the attention you deserve.

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