Why starting a photography business in 2023 is a smart idea.

Running a photography business in 2023 is a great idea since photography is something that Artificial Intelligence does not have a clear advantage over humans when it comes to capturing special moments.

While AI can effectively produce written works through machine learning algorithms, photography remains a craft that relies on creativity, unpredictability of its subject, and subtle interpretation of natural light to truly capture the essence of an event or moment. Additionally, photography has a much broader scope than writing, with hundreds of different speciality fields within the industry. Therefore, there is an abundance of opportunities to explore and monetize the craft.

Starting a writing business in 2023 is a more challenging proposition than a photography business. AI is advancing rapidly and is quickly capable of producing near accurate articles, blog posts, and books, which can be published at a faster rate and a much lower cost than traditional methods. It is possible to successfully run a writing business, however, those in the industry will have to adapt, embrace AI, and differentiate their offering through the use of speciality knowledge and marketing strategies.

5 reasons to start a photography business in 2023

  1. Increased Demand – In recent years, the demand for professional photography services has been growing, making it an ideal time to start a photography business.
  2. Low Barriers to Entry – There is no education requirement or expensive licensing fees needed to get started, making it easy to create a photography business.
  3. Creative Freedom – With a photography business, you have the freedom to make your own rules, design your own pricing, choose the clients you want to work with, and decide which projects you would like to pursue.
  4. Digital Solutions – There are many digital tools available to help streamline the photography business process which help the business owner become more efficient and profitable.
  5. Lasting Impact – Photography has the power to capture special life moments, making a lasting impact on the lives of each client.

5 challenges with starting a photography business in 2023

  1. Cost of Equipment: Photography businesses need to invest in expensive digital cameras, lenses, lighting and software which can be a substantial financial burden for a startup business.
  2. Competition: The photography industry is already saturated with established photography businesses, making it difficult for a new business to compete in terms of price, reputation and quality.
  3. Attracting Clients: Attracting clients is one of the biggest challenges for any new business. A photography business needs to create a professional website to showcase their work, and market their services to potential clients on social media or through word of mouth.
  4. Time Management: Balancing the demands of a photography business with the other obligations of everyday life can be a challenge. Being able to effectively manage your time to take and edit photos while also running your business is a skill that takes practice.
  5. Branding: Developing a brand identity is essential for a new photography business. Branding helps new businesses differentiate themselves from competitors and create a recognizable image that clients can trust. It’s important to create a logo and professional website that conveys the unique aesthetic and services of the business.
– Yours truly, Egbert Archemedes.

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